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Twitter Updates for 2010-08-04

  • My Mom discovered the Talking Tom Cat app on her iPad and she started cracking up along with everyone else around her :: http://j.mp/dAY5Bj #
  • Lady Gaga's new album The Remix just released on iTunes :: http://j.mp/cthFTW @Ladygaga #
  • Just downloaded my buddy Jay Sean's new single '2012 (It Ain't the End)' from iTunes :: http://j.mp/aokcE1 @jaysean #2012 #
  • I'm steaming up the windows to my carpool driver's car. She has the heat cranked up and it feels like a sauna in here :( #notcomfortable #
  • I just added this Camera Lens Mug into my Amazon Wish List (hint, hint) :: http://j.mp/aJAatx #
  • A friend just sent me this article :: Condos that cost less than cars :: http://j.mp/c3VXpv :: Hmm, should we buy? #
  • $1.29 Leg & Thigh Special… (@ Popeye's) http://4sq.com/cIsOsP #