@joeysplanting’s Tweets…

Discovered 2 Plectranthus that I thought were gone… myfolia.com/j/88381

Several of the Coleus seeds I sowed started sprouting today… myfolia.com/j/88423

My Mom is moving the net from under the Plum near sink to the Plum near the storage… myfolia.com/j/88443

Purchased two Coleus, a Perilla & a Zucchini from Westbrae Nursery… myfolia.com/j/88444

Purchased Zinnias, Nasturtiums and a Kong Coleus from Berkeley Horticultural Nursery… myfolia.com/j/88445

Found a whole bunch of Coleus and Cilantro at Target… myfolia.com/j/88446

Created a fourth Blue Bin planter behind the storage with Zucchini, Cilantro & Nasturtium… myfolia.com/j/88454

Planted Nasturtium ‘Alaska Mix’ into squares with existing Lemon Cucumber… myfolia.com/j/88456

Potted up the Lettuce Leaf Basil into drinking cup pots… myfolia.com/j/88459

Planted another Coleus pot with Coleus ‘Kong Rose’… myfolia.com/j/88460

Potted up my two pots of Sansevieria from my bedroom… myfolia.com/j/88461

Planted another Purple Potato, but this time into a five-gallon pot… myfolia.com/j/88462