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Went on a Coleus hunt this morning. My first stop was Westbrae Nursery in Berkeley.

Coleus from Westbrae Nursery: Lava Rose, Chocolate Mint, Electric Lime, Florida Sun Jade, Rustic Orange, Kong Mosaic, Redhead & Peter Wonder

I also got an Oxalis vulcanicola ‘Sunset Velvet’ and a cool looking Aloe-like plant, which I kinda think may be a Sansevieria.

Yesterday, I planted a hanging pot with Lysimachia Variegata, Calceolaria calycina and an unknown plant from Mangero Gardens.

Second stop in my Coleus hunt was Berkeley Horticultural Nursery.

Coleus from BHN: Sunset Strip, Coco Loco, Snazzy, Indian Summer, Swallowtail, Molten Lava, Kong Salmon Pink & Pineapple Splash.

I also got a cool Basil Mix six-pack that contains: Sweet Italian, Spicy Bush, Purple, Spicy Thai, Lemon & Lime Basils.

Forgot that I also got Coleus Tiny Toes.

Potted up several Cacti: Rebutia narvaecensis, Rebutia krainziana, Neochilenia jussieui, Opuntia Baby Rita and Sulcl? arcancea.

My Mom and I dismantled a patio table that was just blocking the way. In its place, my Mom moved her Orchids so they can get more light.

I repotted an mystery Orchid into a larger pot, then gave the non-Cymbidium Orchids a good drench with just a touch of Orchid food.

Planted a pot with Persicaria microcephala Red Dragon, Oxalis Charmed Wine, Oxalis Sunset Velvet and some Dwarf Mondo Grass.

Planted a Coleus pot with Peter Wonder, Pineapple Splash and Redhead. Also planted two individual pots: Kong Mosaic and Kong Salmon Pink.

I was able to divide the 6 pack of Basil Mix into 16 separate drinking cup pots.

I’ve been working in the garden for about 7 hours. Got in the house about 9:30pm and saw these stuck to my leg :: j.mp/9aHOXz

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Watching Drake on Jimmy Kimmel… I didn’t know he was on the TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation… and I didn’t know he was Canadian.

This is my 1000th tweet… (on this account that is)

Captured 8 more Coleus… I’m happy… (@ Berkeley Horticultural Nursery) 4sq.com/97ztgU

A sign in Burger King says their coffee comes in three easy-to-say sizes: small, medium and large.

I just ousted John C. as the mayor of Carquinez Bridge Toll Plaza on @foursquare! 4sq.com/9Lo0vD

Accidentally deleted 4 episode of Lost from my EyeTV that I haven’t seen yet :(

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I found an Archive widget for my WordPress blog that works like the one on Blogspot :: Collapsible Archive Widget j.mp/2yVhjK

Planted a 5 gallon pot with Variegated Ornamental Corn. Added some Tricolor Bush Bean seeds to the pot. Hopefully they’ll be happy together.

Planted a 5 gallon pot with Datura Purple Queen Double and some Butter Daisies.

Planted a 5 gallon pot with 2 Titty Fruits, Orange Butterfly Flower and a Statice.

Planted my single Bells of Ireland seedling into a pot with existing Dahlia Jack-o-Lantern.

Potted Pepper Garmagnola Rossa G2 from small cells packs into blue Solo Drinking Cup pots & Bell Pepper from 99c Store into dark green ones.

Planted a hanging pot with Kohleria Jester and Kohleria Strawberry Fields.

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I found an Archive widget for my WordPress blog that works like the one on Blogspot :: Collapsible Archive Widget j.mp/2yVhjK

I didn’t know Happyslip was married… and had a child… and is now expecting another :: j.mp/c9H4OA

Celebrating my friend Darwin’s birthday… (@ Yojimbo Sushi) 4sq.com/cco8Vh

I’m finally riding Janet’s Lexus…

Sowing Coleus at Work + Orchid (from Kathryn) has new growth…

I brought in some gardening supplies to work so I can start sowing some Coleus seeds.

Garden Supply at Work Sown Coleus

I made my own mix using used peat pellets (from peat pellets with seeds that didn’t grow), a little bit of potting soil and perlite.

I sowed:
– Coleus (Dappled Apple G2 2010)
– Coleus (Oompah G2 2010)
– Coleus (Splash G2 2010)
– Coleus (Sedona G2 2010)
– Coleus (Kong Scarlet G2 2010)
– Coleus (Trailing Rose G2 2010)

I just noticed that my Orchid (from Kathryn) has fresh new roots and growth coming out. Looks like it’s starting to recover…

Toy Story 3 Easter Eggs + FourSquare…

Toy Story 3 Easter Eggs :: j.mp/aJc0I1

FourSquare Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Small Soup and 20 oz Ice Tea for $5… (@ Levi’s Cafeteria) 4sq.com/5O36vD

FourSquare I just became the mayor of Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge (2003) on @foursquare! 4sq.com/d4vO4o


Daylilies in our front yard.
Hemerocallis (Family: Hemerocallidaceae)

Nets + Zinnias + Taro + Dried Snap Peas…

Earlier I tweeted: Are Gurney’s ( @GurneysDeals ) and Henry Field’s are the same company?… because I am getting identical emails from both of them. I got a responce saying: “yep. Same with springhill and michigan bulb”

When I got home from work, I noticed that my Mom set out the net to catch the Plums Folia that are starting to drop.

It's Falling Plum Time Poor Zinnias

My Zinnias grown from seeds have been in their small cell packs for a while. I haven’t had the time to transfer them into better pots until this evening. I planted them in my Solo drinking cups pots, with each color representing a different variety. By the time I got them all potted, it was already dark outside.

Potted Zinnias

My Mom found some of the Taro in our pantry sprouting. She cut of the growing tips, placed in a bowl with a damped towel and covered with a pastic bag to keep it moist. This evening I took the Taro tips and planted them temporarily in a big cell pack with potting soil, so the root will grow and develop.

Taro Sprouting Taro Planted

Finally, I shelled the old Snap Pea Pod that I put out to dry. I’m not really saving these to plant, so we may use them as food somehow.

Dried Snap Peas Shelled Dried Snap Peas