Beans, Potatoes, Tomatoes and Peppers planted…

The Tricolor Pole Beans are getting bigger and starting to climb. I planted them into 4 squares in the east side of SFG Veggie Bed #1. (4 plants per square foot)

I planted several vegetables in Veggie Bed #2:

– 2 Purple Potato – 1 square each
– 2 Tomato ‘Rutger’s Select’ – 1 square each
– 2 Tomato ‘Beefsteak’ – 1 square each
– 4 Pepper (Mini Sweet Orange) – 4 plants in one square
– 1 Pepper ‘Golden Marconi’ – 1 square

[photo to come]

Here’s a tip from @PAllenSmith: Protect corn from critters by placing a paper bag over each ear. Secure bag w/ rubber band. Remove bag once the corn is ripe.

@joelignacio’s Tweets…

I’m so glad I finally got a parking space. Had to get up super early though… and there are about 40 people in line…

As I’m standing here waiting for a ride in casual carpool, I realize that today is the last day of free carpool. $2.50 toll starts tomorrow.

Nice to see a Filipino trending on Twitter. Wishing President Aquino & his government success in leading the country with integrity. #Aquino

I just ousted moucri as the mayor of Joel’s Cube on @foursquare!

New Old Spice commercial ::

Just got interviewed by KCBS about the toll starting tomorrow for casual carpool. Reporter was asking who pays for it…