@joeysplanting’s Tweets…

06:08 A series of 20 Passiflora macros I took using my new extension tube for my camera :: j.mp/bjraJF #

06:25 One of my favorite nurseries @AnniesAnnuals used my Sunflower photo for a descriptive sign :: bit.ly/9oaCgZ :: j.mp/cUXkpd #

19:41 I came into work to check up on my goldfish and make sure my plants didn’t dried out, since we don’t back to work until Wednesday. #

19:43 My red and white African Violet started to bloom again… #

19:44 There is now a total of 7 Hippeastrum (from LB) sprouting up… #

21:23 I potted up the 2 Pineapple tops into drinking cup pots. I hope I didn’t dry them out too much and potted them in time. #