Cataracts + Portfolio

Dang… Today seemed to be a long day…

I took a half day PTO from work and left around 1:30pm so I can take my Mom to a Optometry appointment at Kasier. After the Optometrist saw her, he called me in and explained that the blurriness was not caused by a change in her prescription, but because of Cataracts. To be honest, I’m not that familiar to what Cataracts is, so I have to do some research on that… The Optometrist said that it is fixed by an operation and if my Mom wanted to, he can call the Ophthalmology department and have them schedule an appointment to get more info.

I thought the mention of an operation would freak my Mom, but she was pretty calm and sounded like she wanted to do it. My Mom told me that my Grandma had a operation to correct her Cataracts, so this may explain her calmness. I guess we’ll wait for the Ophthalmologist’s call back.

After Kaiser, we do more errands, going to Recology Vallejo (formerly known as Vallejo Garbage) and 1st Pacific Credit Union.

I then had an appointment to set up a portfolio at Wells Fargo Bank. I’ve never done stocks, or bonds, or mutual fund, so this investing thing is kinda new to me. Last week, my Banker (who is kinda cute, by the way) suggested that I invest my money from my CD that recently matured to something that will make more money… so I hope my brand spanking new portfolio does well.

I just heard on the evening news that the stocks just dropped today… but my portfolio account doesn’t actually get the funds until tomorrow (Wednesday), so I think this news is actually good for me… I think it’s best when you buy low (or something like that)… see how inexperienced I am at this… I’ll see…

FourSquareAfter the bank… me and my Mom went shopping.I was racking up points on FourSquare, from all these check-ins, but their server then went down, so I couldn’t check-in at Costco and Seafood City. It was kinda frustrating, because I thought I was gonna be gipped points… but I was able to retro-check-in once I got home.

I just remembered something I was telling everyone at work:
Feliz Cuatro de Mayo!!!