First Seedling of the Year!

I just checked the Jiffy-7 Mini-Greenhouse that I planted on Tuesday and I was surprised to see some seedlings coming up! Already! Just after 4 days!… Both peat pellets of the Coleus ‘Dappled Apple?’ have sprouted. I’m so proud of them… hehe… and to think these were collected from plants I grew last year!

The Mama Plant
Dappled Apple?

This plant was actually labelled ‘Wild Lime’, but it didn’t look like another ‘Wild Lime’ I had. It didn’t even look like the photo on the label. I think it is actually ‘Dapple Apple’ and will call it ‘Dappled Apple?’ until someone corrects me.

  • What are these “pellets” of which you speak? I collected coleus seed last summer but all I have is very fine seed, no pellets.

    • Sorry to be confusing. By pellets, I mean the Jiffy Peat Pellets. There’s a photo of it in this ( link ).

      • Oh, duh. *Smacks head with forehead*. See my current lj entry for an explanation of why I’m not thinking clearly…

  • i have never planted coleous seed. easy to grow it sounds like, huh?

    • I’ve never planted them either, but they really sprouted fast. I hope they thrive under grow lights until I can bring them out.