Wish List: Leopard Plant + 2 Coleus

I was watching a recording of People, Places & Plants (ep. 123) and saw three plants that I want:

Farfugium japonicum (Leopard Plant)
Coleus “Amazon”
Coleus “Dip’t in Wine”

  • “Dip’t in Wine” looks very similar to a cutting I took at end of season from a planter in front of our Kimmel Center.

    I’ve discovered, by the way, that if you put your cuttings under Grow-Lights with a long-ish day period (14 hours for me), they both root and grow much more reliably. I’ve also discovered that the undersides of the leaves of one batch appear to be lousy with aphids, eeuw, and I will have to pull out the pyrethins to dea.

    • I wish there were more places here that have coleus to steal… err… i mean, propagate and loving take care of ;) All I see around are the Wizard mix.

      Did the aphids only appear when using the Grow-Lights? Because I never experienced any aphids or any other pest on my Coleuses. That’s another reason I love them so…

      • Under grow lights is the first I’ve noticed them, and only because I’ve been inspecting the undersides of leaves (and because one cutting appeared to have some spider mites on it). They don’t look any the worse for wear, but given the limited diet available to the basement aphids I don’t want them getting any ideas — hence the pyrethrins. I could be mistaken and they might be something other than aphids, too — they’re on the undersides of leaves, not on stems.
        Whatever they are, though, They.Must.Die.