Wish List: Episcia

While surfing Flickr for Coleuses, I learned of a plant that I never heard of before. It’s called Episcia… I must do research and see if I can get some for next year… Add one more plant for my wish list :)

This is where I saw it ( link )

  • Coleus

    Have you looked at Rosy Dawn Gardens? It’s my wish book, although I prefer to acquire my coleus by being given (or appropriating) cuttings:


    • Re: Coleus

      Yes, I have… I have December 1 marked on my calendar for when they start taking orders. I’m not sure if that’s correct, but I that’s what I have marked down.

      I like getting cutting too, but I don’t know anyone who grows coleus… well except for the common varieties (i.e. Wizard Mix, Kong, etc.)

      I took massive photos yesterday of my Coleus, and I need to go through my iPhoto library and start posting them up for all of you to see :)