I pray for his safety and hope his life is spared…

Thursday, as I reading the paper in the carpool line, I read that a Filipino OFW was kidnapped by Iraqi insurgents, who threatened to behead him if the Philippines does not withdraw its contingents within 72 hours. During dinner, we watched a discussion about this manner and my heart started beating faster.

It made my blood boil when I first heard of the first beheading, then the second, then the third. The images in my head of someone getting killed that way just gets me so angry. It’s not like in the movies where the head just snaps off… It takes alot of work… and I’m sure these kidnappers don’t try to make it painless. ARGH!… And to think, they broadcast the act, and in the case of the Korean man, I believe they stuffed explosives in his body and dumped it and his head close to troops, in the hopes that it would blow them up… I’m mad right now!

I pray for Angelo de la Cruz’s safety and hope his life is spared. I also pray for his wife and eight kids back in the Philippines who he is supporting.