Evite replies

I like to be a little different with my Evite responses:

Response to Edwin’s the MEGA DIVA’s make over and slumber party:
So the butterfly continued flying from block to block looking for that dandelion where she left her bug purse. She asked the grasshopper, but he replied, “Sorry, I don’t remember where we came from.”

Response to Rachel and Dave’s 4th of July BBQ:
So ‘Lil Grasshappa and Ladybird Beetle continued their journey looking for Ladybird’s missing purse. As they walked the corner of Madison, they were startled when they saw something they never seen before. It was a raccoon. Hello they said, but the raccoon didn’t reply. They didn’t realize that the raccoon was deaf.

Over 3 months have passed… (Part 1)

…and seems like my life is totally different.

I think my last entries dealt with me moving out of Alameda to move back home at my parents place in Vallejo. It may not seem like much, but I was a big decision for me. I moved out of my parents house when I went to college back when I was 18. So I’ve been living on my own for 15 years now… Imagine that!… It blows my mind to think that I graduated high school 15 years ago.

I decided to move back home mainly to keep Nanay (my mom) company. Tatay (my dad) passed away back in January and he took care of alot of things at home. One of my brothers also live with my parents, but he works from 3 to midnight, so Nanay would be alone most nights. I just couldn’t imaging Nanay being alone, so I decided this was the best thing to do. I’ll also be able to help around the house and take care of some things, ‘cuz I know that my brother already had to take care of so much (with the funeral and paperwork).

(gotta go… to be continued)