Home to Vallejo…

Today me and Maikuti drove down to Vallejo to visit Nanay (Mom) and Tatay (Dad). We first stopped by the house to say hello. It was really good to see them; I haven’t seen my parents for about a month or so. They were just finishing eating their late lunch and watching TFC (The Filipino Channel). There was news about this Rico Chan, popular young filipino actor, who just died in his sleep. So we watched for a while, then headed out to eat.

We ate at Empire Buffet. Damn there was so much food, and we sure did eat a lot. It was funny ‘cuz Maikuti had to unbutton his pant button. We then did a little shopping at Big 5’s, then Wal-Mart. There we looked at plants and I was able to get some home stuff. I also found a book called “Got To Be Real”. In the pet department, I took a look at the fishes and saw a really active and cute lionhead goldfish that was sure courting the other goldfishes (I guess goldfishes get horny too). I wanted to get him, but I wasn’t going straight home, so I didn’t.

We then went back to my parent’s and I took some photos of plants, flowers and this metallic ladybug-like bug in the backyard. Nanay baked some carrot cake muffins and a filipino dessert called bibinka – yumm!!!

Tatay was at the front fixing my car. It actually started and maybe working soon. Dang!

Before we left, I borrowed their video camera, so MC can record his DVs to VHS. My parents watched as we drove off, and they looked so cute waving goodbye to us. They are the cutest!!!! I love them so much!

We then made on more stop visited Kuya (brother) Eddie, Ate Angie and kids. Just wanted to say hello and see the kids and what they are up to. They are apparently starting summer vacation.

We stopped by Ikea… and by the time we got home we were both so pooped and just wanted to lay down and relax.