Wish List

Here’s a wish list of plants (and other things) I would like to have:

Red Podded Peas
I just harvested some Golden Podded Peas and searched the internet to see what the fruits should look like… and I happened to stumble upon photos of Red Podded Peas, which lead me to the Red Podded Peas label search in the Daughter of the Soil blog… Golden Podded Peas are new to me and I’ve never seen red ones…. They are gorgeous and I’m searching to see if any are available for sale anywhere. Hope I find some.

Reel Mower
I never thought of a manual lawn mower, but I think it’ll be cool to have one. I kinda want to get rid of gas powered one, since it takes up so much space and is noisy. I’m eyeing an American Lawn Mower 14 inch Deluxe Hand Reel Mower for $66.49 from Amazon. Let me give this a couple days to see if I still want one.

Jungle Peanut
[UPDATE] Purchased April 2012.
These are an ancient Amazon heirloom peanuts which are likely the ancestors to the commercially grown peanuts today. The are striped like a tiger (a chocolately purple and orange tiger) and I heard the have a great flavor. Unlike common peanuts, they don’t contain aflatoxin and are usually eaten raw.

Cymbidium Huell Howser
I just watched a California’s Gold episode about the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show and they showed a Cymbidium Orchid named after the host of the show: Cymbidium Huell Howser. I like its color and searching to see if there is one for sale online.

Hellebores (Lenten Rose)
Just added Hellebores (Lenten Rose) to my wish list. My Mom saw these in a garden magazine & asked me if they sold them here. I didn’t know.

Camellia sinensis (Tea Plant)
I just added Camellia sinensis (Tea plant) to my wish list. I wonder how hard it is to grow from seeds.

Hippeastrum ‘Evergreen’
I was browsing Burpee’s website and saw a chartreuse-green Hippeastrum called Evergreen. I’m putting this on my wish-list.

Five Spot, Nemophila maculate
I saw this on a friend’s Flickr… Then noticed Annie Annuals sells them, so next time I’m there, I’ll see if they have it… But if anyone has seed and would like to swap, contact me… It’s fun to grow from seeds :)

Bay Laurel
[UPDATE] Purchased June 2011.
I just thought it would be nice to have a Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis) plant, so my Mom wouldn’t have to buy it from the grocery.

Butterfly Clerodendrum
Clerodendrum ugandense (Butterfly Clerodendrum or Blue Glory Bower). I saw a a photo of it’s flower on patchoullijulie’s journal and fell in love.

Fritillaria verticillata
I saw this on one of wendymerle’s photos. I love the patterns on the interior of the flower.

Brazilian Oxalis ‘Silver and Gold’
I just saw someone posting a photo of this Oxalis that doesn’t look like any other Oxalis I’ve ever seen. ( DG PlantFile )

Farfugium japonicum (Leopard Plant)
I was watching a recording of People, Places & Plants (ep. 123) and saw a plants that I want: Farfugium japonicum (Leopard Plant).

While surfing Flickr for Coleuses, I learned of a plant that I never heard of before. It’s called Episcia… I must do research and see if I can get some for next year… Add one more plant for my wish list :)


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