Photos from the EBMQG May Meeting…

I was finally able to upload photos from May’s East Bay Modern Quilt Guild meeting onto my Flickr site.

Here’s the photoset: “EBMQG – May 2012 Meeting“… or you can click below to view a slideshow.

Stacey who normal runs the monthly meetings is in Virginia for a couple months, so Lauren ran the May meeting. Here are notes from the meeting:

Flickr Geofences…

Flickr Geofence

I just discovered today that Flickr has added geofences… which are locations where you can specify different geo privacy settings to. I made a geofence around my house, and my relative’s homes. Now the photo taken at these locations will only show geolocation data to family members and not to the general public. In the past, I used to manually remove the geoleocation of photos at home… but now, I don’t have to do that because Flickr will automatically do it for me.

More Geofence info on Flickr’s blog:



My Flickr photostream reached 100,000 views today! :)

Orchid Box/Basket Inspirations…

I was looking around Flickr for Masdevallia Orchids in Orchid Boxes/Baskets and found a few photos that inspire me:

limahuli’s Masdevallia hybrid

sycamorecreek77’s Masdevallia pinocchio ‘Sycamore Creek’
and Phragmipedium Stairway to Heaven ‘Sycamore Creek’

Plant Lady2009’s Babies Dove in a bird nest

low.’s orchid basket

This is a alternative way of making a Orchid Basket:
red head10’s Orchid basket

Ideas for a octagonal Orchid Basket:
jhainaut’s Orchid Basket-05 and Orchid Basket-01

Wish List: Five Spot – Nemophila maculata

five spot - Nemophila maculata
I saw this on a friend’s Flickr:
five spot - Nemophila maculata

Then noticed Annie Annuals sells them:
so next time I’m there, I’ll see if they have it…

But if anyone has seed and would like to swap, contact me…
It’s fun to grow from seeds :)

Tuesday Tweets…

  • 1:59am I finally uploaded the last of our family Christmas photos on Flickr. #
  • 1:41pm Sandwich, you really taste good!… #

Dave and Joel’s Birthday Get Together…

On Sunday, some of my friends got together to celebrate me and my friend, Dave’s, birthdays. We first had brunch at Boulevard Cafe in Daly City, where we open some of our gifts. Howard and Bill got me more of the blue glass stones from Ikea. I also got some gift cards from Lutz and Dave and a picture frame from Wincy and Jeremy. Thanks everyone!

Afterwards, we went over to Color Me Mine and painted some pottery. I didn’t even know that this kind of shop existed. I choose a penguin container and a pot to paint. This was my first time doing this, so it took me a while to finish… I think it took me more than three hours to paint them. As I was painting, Wendy helped me take some photos.

Painting My Pengiun   My Paint Pallet and Penguin

( More photos on my Flickr set "Dave & Joel’s Birthday Get Together," )

Later that evening, we stopped over at KFC and got some chicken for dinner and brought it over to Dave’s house and watched some SNL and part of the Golden Globe Awards. We finished it off with a yummy chocolate chip and butterscotch cake that Lutz made… Yummy! Thanks Lutz…

Dave & Joel's Birthday Cake

Flickr Update: Collections + Layouts

This entry is mainly for those of you who use Flickr.

Flickr has updated their site with a new feature called Collections. These are basically containers where you can put sets and or other collections. Think of it like folders for albums.

I just tested it out and created a new Collection of Gardening Events and Field Trips that I have gone to.

They also updated layouts of your first page, so you have the choice of small or medium (thumbnail) images. You can also have a side bar of our sets, collections or just fill the first page with images (no sidebar).