Growing Citrus with Less Water Talk

I attended a talk hosted by Annie’s Annuals about growing Citrus trees with less water. The speaker talked about a lot of topics related to Citrus. He mentioned that California has historically been a dry area and the recent years (I can’t remember how much exactly, maybe hundreds) has been wetter than normal, which we have been getting used to. So now with the drought in California, it’s pretty much just getting back to normal. He showed some drip systems and highly suggested using mulch. Mulch, mulch, mulch, mulch, mulch! He also uses straw like I do, so I felt like I’m doing it right. He also mentioned that Citrus grow very well in containers and suggested using Coir Mulch as 1/3 or the soil you use. This will really help retain water.

I attended a very informative 'Growing Citrus with Less Water' talk at Annie's Annuals &  Perennials... then went plant shopping!!!

After the talk, I went around the nursery and went plant shopping. I got a couple of plants.

My new plants from Annie's Annuals & Perennials. (top to bottom, left to right) Kale 'Richmond' Pride' (Purple Tree Collard), Sunburst Aeonium, Dandelion 'Red Rib', Red Russian Kale, Blue Vein Sweet Pea, Oscularia caulescens, Cat's Tail Aloe and Goji Berr

The good thing is that I didn’t have to spend any cash, because I was about to use a gift certificate that they gave me when they used one of my photos.

I’m a Winner!…

I entered some contests a few days ago on various garden blogs promoting the new book “Garden Up!:Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces“.

Today, I was surfing Google and discovered a new feature (to me) called Google Blogs Search… so I was curious and plugged in my name… I say a line that said, “Congrats to Joel Ignacio for taking home the $50 gift card from Annie’s Annuals!


That is sooo cool!… I won the $50 gift certificate for Annie’s Annuals from Compost in my Shoe…. and I didn’t even know it… I love Annie’s Annuals!!!… Now I have to figure out how to claim the prize.

Saturday Gardening…

The Asparagus Pea is growing nicely and is about twice the size I bought it. I see at least four tiny pods. I wonder if Asparagus Pea (Tetragonolobus purpurea) is an annual or perennial here.

First Asparagus Pea Pod...

I made a couple combination pots. I potted a Rudbeckia hirta ‘Prairie Sun’ into a existing pot with Dahlia ‘Jack-o-Lantern’ and Sedum ‘Angelina’. (photo below left)

Rudbeckia hirta ‘Prairie Sun’ Combination Pot

In another pot, I planted Salpiglosis ‘Kew Blue’, a volunteer Persicaria ‘Painter’s Palette’ that a found and an unlabeled plant from Annies Annuals. (photo above right)

I also potted up my Sugar Cane plant from a one gallon pot to a five gallon one. I was debating wheather to put the Sugar Cane in the front yard or behind the storage to get more sun. My Mom thought it would be better behind the storage, so that’s where I placed it.

Repotted Sugar Cane

I see one Tricolor Bush Bean sprouting up in the hanging pot I made a few days ago. Hopefully the rest will come up soon.

Refreshed a pot with 3 year old Tweedia caerula by adding compost. Also planted seedlings grown from seeds from this plant into this pot.

I’m glad to see that the Scarlet Chinese and Easter Eggplants from last year survived and have new growth.

San Francisco Botanical Garden…

  • 8:38am San Francisco Botanical Garden’s first general plants sale of the year today from 10am-1pm > #
  • 11:07am Heading to SF Botanical Garden to take some photos… #
  • 10:41pm If you want to read my non-gardening related tweets, follow me on my other Twitter @joelignacio #
  • 11:01pm Just a few of the plants I purchased from @AnniesAnnuals :) #

Garden Related Tweets…

  • 1:56am My praying mantis Clingie laid her fourth ootheca (egg sack)!!! #

    Clingie and Her Fourth Ootheca (Egg Sack)

  • 4:27pm @AnniesAnnuals is having a SALE in honor of our native yellow-bellied groundhog! use GROUNDHOG15 code for 15% off everything til midnight! #
  • 9:16pm Got my Territorial Seed Company catalog in the mail… So much veggie and flower seeds!!! :) #

Annie’s Annuals & Perennials + Botanical Interests…

A local nursery in our area. They have great plants. Request your Annie’s Annuals & Perennial 2010 Catalog here.

I love their seed packet artwork… Request your Botanical Interests 2010 Seed Catalog here.

While your at it, follow them on Twitter: @AnniesAnnuals and @BotanicalSeeds

…or check our their websites: Annie’s Annuals & Perennials and Botanical Interest

Wish List: Five Spot – Nemophila maculata

five spot - Nemophila maculata
I saw this on a friend’s Flickr:
five spot - Nemophila maculata

Then noticed Annie Annuals sells them:
so next time I’m there, I’ll see if they have it…

But if anyone has seed and would like to swap, contact me…
It’s fun to grow from seeds :)