DIY Reusable Produce Bags…

We have been using reusable grocery bags for a couple years now and have reduced the number of plastic bags that we get… but I wanted to get more since we either use them up (we just have five of them) or forget them at home (I can keep more in the car). I bought some zTotes which are like the ones we have now.

While searching, I noticed reuseable produce bags, which made me think… We should use those too, so I searched for some to buy, but then realized that maybe I can make some with those mesh bags that we get with ginger, onion and little potatoes.

So I made these.

Homemade Produce Bags

Homemade Produce Bags

It was pretty easy since the bottom was already made. I just turned the top edge and weaved a string in and out to form a draw string to close the bag once filled.

Homemade Produce Bags

I tested it and it worked well for most produce, but greens and Broccoli kinda got a little damaged, so I purchased some reuseable produce bags by Flip & Tumble for these.

Hopefully, we’ll have much less plastics coming into the house, including plastic produce bags.

My New Method of Overwintering Coleus…

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my ideas on a new method to overwintering my Coleus cuttings.

Super Peat Pellets & NatureWorks PLA Cups

Since then, I received the Super Jiffy Peat Pellets and the NatureWorks PLA 9 oz. drinking cups and lids (which are biodegradable and compostable!!!). The Super Peat Pellets were pretty big compared to the regular Jiffy Peat Pellets that you get at the store.

Super Peat Pellet vs the Regular and Small Jiffy Peat Pellets

First step was to expanded several Super Jiffy Peat Pellets by adding water to the pellets. Continue reading

A Day of Mortaring…

I’ve been taking a little vacation from my gardening journal, but I still have been gardening and buying plants (I can’t help it).

I also have been setting up my Veggie Bed #2 for mortaring, which after procrastinating, finally mortared today.

Red Mortar   Mortared Brick Wall

A couple days ago, as I was rearranging the brick, I took this photo of the overgrown Chocolate Mint in the bed.

Spreading Chocolate Mint