Kang Kong…

I had a craving for Sinigang (a Filipino dish) and one of the ingredients I purchased to cook it was Kangkong Folia (aka Ong Choy, Water Spinach, etc.). I just used the tips and leaves and saved the bottom stems. I then cut the bottom about .5 inch from a node so the stem can easily soak up water. I’m planning on trying to plant this if it roots.

Kang Kong Rooting

The next day, I was really surprised to see some of the stems already rooting, just one day after I placed them in water.

Anticipating the Flight…

So after frantically getting everything set for this upcoming month long trip to the Philippines. I’m here at D’s house in Hayward waiting for him to get out of his half-day at work and finish up packing and get all the last minute things done before we have to leave for the airport at 9pm.

My friend D asked me a few months ago if I would like to accompany him to his family get together/vacation in the Philippines. I’ve been wanting to go a while now, but just haven’t worked out… but since I no longer have a job (just freelancing), I figured that it would be the perfect time to go.

This will be my first time back to the Philippines in 41 years (since 1970)!!! We left when I was 1.5 years old, so I don’t have any recollection of my birth place. I’ve just seen the few family photos when I was a baby.

I’m a bit nervous and of course excited… Excited to finally see my homeland and the people, the culture, the food, fruits, plants and all things Philippines. I’m a bit worried, because people have been telling me about pick-pocketer and thieves who will steal things from your hand, but I hope that is exaggerated… but even then, I’m not planning on bringing my DSLR camera to congested places like Metro Manila and the malls…

Oh, I’m, really excited to take lots of photos

I don’t think I will be able to see any of my relatives during this trip, which I’m bummed about, because D’s family has a set itinerary and it’ll be difficult to stray from that, but I hope that I’ll at least see my Uncle Dave when we are in Manila… Hopefully, I can return soon to Philippines like when my Aunties take a vacation. It’ll be much easier to see all my relatives, plus I’ll have more experience with how things work there.

So… any tips or pointers from anyone for this upcoming trip to Philippines?

Loud Music + Nice Face…

3:22pm Woke up to neighbor’s music so loud I could Shazam* it in our house with the door and windows closed: Arboles De La Barranca by Carlos Y Jose #

10:22pm My Mom just told me that Manny Pacquiao has a nice face for a boxer. She says it’s because he doesn’t get hit… #

(*Shazam is an iPhone app that listens to a sample of music being heard and identifies the song and artist.)

Pom Glazed Adobo…

9:21pm I want to try this > RT @filipinofood Filipino food recipe and pics:

Pom Glased Adobo recipe on Skip to Malou’s blog

Charice’s Pyramid on Movin’ 99.7FM…

8:51pm Oh wow… They just played Charice‘s song Pyramid on Movin’ 99.7FM… #

Filipino Food + Starting Wooden Orchid Box…

1:22pm Filipino Food (@filipinofood) is following me on Twitter… (it sounded funny when I said it out loud)… #

7:14pm I started on the my Wooden Orchid Box, but I’m not done yet. You can view my progress here: j.mp/bTipw4 #

10:05pm Spaghetti with sliced Hot Dogs!!! Yumm#

10:10pm I just heard that Manny Pacquiao will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live… and he’s gonna sing “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You”!!! 12:05am ABC #

Naic Town Fiesta / San Leandro Marina

Last weekend we attended an annual event called “Naic Town Fiesta” in San Leandro Marina where people from my Mom’s home town Naic, Cavite, Philippines get together and have a big potluck and celebrate their Patron Saint.

I took this opportunity to explore the San Leandro Marina and see what plants it had growing wild.

Naic Alliance in California Banner   Unknown Succulent

Unknown Flower   San Leandro Marina

There are a lot of flowers that the people from Naic bring to celebrate their Patron Saint. Here are a few of them:

Flower Buds   Pink Edged Yellow Roses

Anyone know what the purple flower buds above are?
I totally can’t remember what those are called.

Peach Roses   Yellow Mums

The two Roses above are the cuttings I took from the last entry.