Two Evening of Gardening

After spending Saturday day and Sunday morning at Hayward, I got home and immediately changed to work in the garden. I was planning on cutting the Fire Blight off our Pear tree, but did not get around to it.

I started my placing paver bricks around our Compost Bin because something has been digging into it. I think the larger hard flat area will also be easier for my Mom to walk on.

I then potted up the mixed Zinnia seedling that were growing in cell packs. I potted up ten 3 inch pots. Next up was potting up two 1 gallon pots of Gerber Daisies that my brother gave my Mom for Mother’s Day. Each of those went into a ceramic pot.

Potted up Gerber Daisy

My next chore was to cut down the bolted Portuguese Kale in the backyard Square Foot Garden so I can amend the soil and plant some veggies for the summer. I’ll save some seeds from the 8+ foot Portuguese Kale plant and compost the rest. I didn’t finish clearing everything out since it was dark now and I was getting hungry.

Monday after work, it was still some daylight left so I rushed to get some gardening done. I finished cutting down and pulling the old Portuguese Kale and amended three squares with Chicken Manure so I can plant out Cucumber start, which I finished off by mulching with with aged straw. I didn’t get to amend the other cleared square, but I’ll do that later.

Planted Burpless Hybrid Cucumbers

Before going in, I potted up some Strawberry Popcorn from cell packs to 3″ pots.

Strawberry Popcorn

I also potted up a few Purple Potatoes that I found in the Square Foot Garden.

Purple Potatoes