Frustrated with Junk!

I have to rant, because I am really frustrated.

Some background: we have so much stuff in our house, because my brother buys so much stuff… and things just get dumped in the living room, in back of the big screen TV, in the garage, in the family room, in the patio, everywhere!!! It’s like a junk yard. His room is so full that he sleeps on the living room sofa!

I want to try to clean our backyard patio because it’s getting harder for my Mom to get around and it’s just a mess. One of the things that takes so much room in our patio is an old lawn mower. I takes about 3-4 by 5-6 feet area and it’s a irregular shape, so things get dumped on it and falls down and it’s just a mess. I want to get rid of the lawn mower, because I don’t use it… and when my brother mows the lawn, which he rarely does, it take like half a day to get the damn thing to get started and it just stinks of gas fumes and exhaust.

I want to get a small reel mower, the kind that you push manually. Our lawn is small so it’s just too much trouble for a gas mower. A reel mower will occupy a much smaller space that we can use for something else… and it can be stored upright. Plus, you can use it right away, because you don’t have to add gas or try to get it started because it wont start up.

So my plan was to get rid of the gas lawn mower and replace it with a smaller reel mower. My cousin even said that they are having a big garbage collection day coming up so he can take the gas mower off our hands.

My Mom was even ok with getting rid of the mower, because she says it doesn’t even work…

But when she confirmed with my brother that it didn’t work… My brother say that he think he can get it to work… meaning HE WANTS TO KEEP IT!!!…

Oh my gosh!… this is so frustrating. It’s so hard to get freakin’ crap out of this house!!! For example… We have a microwave oven that doesn’t work well. We already replaced it with a new one and the “broken” one has been sitting in the patio for several years. One day, I wanted to bring a bunch of dead electronics to the e-waste disposal. My brother wouldn’t let me take the old microwave oven… He told me to leave it here, so being frustrated, I left it there near the front door. If he wants to keep it, he can deal with it… It’s still in the front patio to this day!

So that’s my rant… I’m just frustrated.