Front Yard Gardening…

I got a bunch done in the front yard garden. I first did a bunch of weeding and cut down dead plants and flower stalks to tidy up the front garden a bit. I noticed that the Rudbeckias and Foxgloves seem to have survived the winter. I’m not too sure about the Echinacea though; it look like they might have died. There are a bunch of Sparaxis growing now, and they look like they will bloom a about a week or so. In the clear areas, I randomly planted a bunch of Green Arrow Snap Pea seeds. I might as well take advantage of the free space.

I potted up a Pearl Blueberry that I bought a few weeks ago at the Grocery Outlet from it’s 4″ pot to a 2 gallon pot. We don’t seen to have much luck with Blueberries, so I will try growing these in the front yard where it will have lots of sun. I’ll let it get a little bit bigger then move it to a larger pot if it gets too big for the 2 gallon pot.

I planted a couple Flower Mixes into two 10″x10″ trays. I haven’t had much luck with Flower Mixes sown in cell packs, so I hope the larger tray will work better.


I took the Fennel that has been regrowing from side shoots from the 3 gallon fabric pots and potted them up into Flexible Garden Tubs. The fabric pot just dried up too easily and the plant kept wilting. Hopefully, this bigger tub will keep the soil moist, so I don’t have to water it so frequently.

Ethiopian Kale Planted

I planted a 4″ Ethiopian Kale into an empty Self Watering 5 Gallon Bucket.

Malunggay Tuber

I thought my Malunggay (Moringa) was dead, so I started to dig it out so I can reuse the pot. When I dug it out, I saw a tuber!!! OMG! This made me so happy. I covered back up the roots and can’t wait for it to grow back. Just to make sure, I checked my other Malunggay plants and they all had tubers! I didn’t know Malunggay grew tubers!