Compost and Worms!!!…

We have two BioStack Compost Bins: bin #1 has unfinished compost and bin #2 has compost which is pretty much done. One thing I like about the BioStack Compost Bins, is that each bin has three levels which you can remove and add to… so you can adjust the height of the bins. Since we currently have more unfinished compost, I took one of the levels from bin #2 and added it to bin #1.

BioStack Composters

They are filled with tons and tons of worms!!!

Compost Worms

Compost Worms

I want to empty bin #2 and place the finished compost into a storage container, so I can start using bin #2 to make more compost. The compost still has a few big pieces which were probably added recently, so I’ll sift the unfinished compost from bin #2…

Sifting Unfinsihed Compost

…and place it in bin #1 to continue composting. I’ll also move as many worms as I can find to bin #1.

Unfinished Compost

Bin #1 with unfinished compost and worms from bin #2:

Sifted Unfinsihed Compost

Now that bin #2 has the sifted finished compost. I’m going to leave the lid off so it can dry up a bit… It got a little too wet from a recent rain. I also hope it’ll draw the worms back into the ground and up bin #1… but since there may be birds that want those worms, I’ll cover it with these trays with holes (which I used for sifting).

Completed Compost