Lotsa Seed Sowing…

I know I’m late sowing my Tomato, Pepper and Zinnia seeds, but I’m going to plant them anyways. I know they can catch up.

Lots of Seeds Sown

Here’s a list of what I planted:

– Tomato ‘Green Brandywine’
– Tomato ‘Isis Candy’
– Tomato ‘Large Barred Boar’
– Tomato ‘Red Pear Cherry (G2-2007)’
– Tomato ‘Red Zebra’
– Tomato ‘Berkeley Tie Dye Pink’
– Tomato ‘Pink Boar’
– Tomato ‘Yellow Pear’
– Tomato ‘1884’
– Tomato ‘Hippy Zebra’
– Tomato ‘Sweet Carneros Pink’
– Tomato ‘Marvel Stripe’
– Tomato ‘Brandywine Red’
– Tomato ‘Vintage Wine’
– Tomato ‘Green Zebra’
– Tomato ‘Speckled Red Roma’
– Tomato ‘San Marzano’
– Tomato ‘Red Robin’ (Dwarf) – Thanks Megzzz
– Tomato ‘OSU Blue’ aka ‘P20’ – Thanks Megzzz

– Pepper (Mini Sweet Red from 99¢ Only Store)
– Pepper (Mini Sweet Orange from 99¢ Only Store)
– Pepper (Trader Joe’s Sweet Red Long)
– Pepper ‘Golden Marconi (G2-2010)’
– Pepper ‘Carmagnola Rossa (G3-2008)’
– Pepper (Red Bell from 99¢ Only Stores)
– Pepper ‘Garden Leader Monster Bell’

– Zinnia ‘Queen Red Lime’ Folia
– Zinnia (Fall 2005)
– Zinnia ‘Envy’ Folia

I didn’t realize how many different kinds of Tomatoes seeds I now have.