February 2012 Bloom Day…

I was reminded that today is February 2012 Bloom Day, so I went through our garden and took photos of everything in bloom. I didn’t have time to process all the photos, but I wanted to post at least one, so I can get the February 2012 Bloom Day Badge on Folia. I’ll update this post when I upload more blooms.

Hyacinths in Bloom


Wow! We just had a 3.7 magnitude¬†earthquake… and it was the first one I’ve felt in years… additionally, I don’t think I ever remembered an earthquake centered in Vallejo.

I was watching TV and the house shook really hard!¬†I was scare and though something crashed into our house, but how could that happen. The first thing I did was run to my Mom in case I had to get ourselves under the table. Glad everything is ok. I don’t think there were report of damage or injuries…

Can Peachcot Scions be Grafted to an Asian Plum?

I got a Peachcot scion from a recent CRFG Scion Exchange and was wondering if it can be grafted onto an Asian Plum. I’ve had success grafting an Apricot scion to our Asian Plums, but I know Peaches can’t be grafted to an Asian Plum1.

Anyone know if Peachcot scions can be grafted to an Asian Plum?
1 Grafting Dormant Deciduous Fruit Scions by Idell Weydemeyer, Golden Gate CRFG