Mystery Alameda Street Tree…

As I was walking down Santa Clara Avenue in Alameda, I saw a few trees growing along the street and wondered what they were.

Each branch has 6, 8 or 10 leaves in pairs on opposite sides of the branch. Some of the tree have a bunch of suckers growing at the base of the tree. The younger stems are reddish brown. I crushed a leaf and there is really no distinct odor.

Here is a photo of the whole tree along the street.
Unknown Alameda Street Tree (4/4)

More photos:

Here is a close up of the suckers/leaves.
Unknown Alameda Street Tree (2/4)

Here is how it looks when you look up into the tree.
Unknown Alameda Street Tree (1/4)

Here is another close up of the leaves.
Unknown Alameda Street Tree (3/4)

This tree is growing in Alameda, California which is in the central San Francisco Bay Area – USDA Hardiness Zone 8B.

Anyone know what this tree is?