New Kitazawa Seed Co. Seeds…

I recently purchased five new seed packets from Kitazawa Seed Co., which is where I got my Bok Choy ‘Joi Choi’ Folia seeds that I have been planting for about 8 years now. They include:

Bok Choy ‘Golden Yellow’ Folia a bright yellowish-green Bok Choy
Bok Choy ‘Purple Choi’ Folia a dark purple leaf Bok Choy
Chard ‘Umaina’ Folia a Japanese Chard that I think is similar to the Swiss Chard ‘Green’ I have been buying
Usui Folia edible Pea shoots
Kabocha ‘Sweet Mama’ Folia a Japanese Pumpkin/Winter Squash that has a bush-like growth habit (like Zucchini)

Today, I sowed the three leaf veggies: Bok Choi ‘Golden Yellow’  Folia , Bok Choy ‘Purple Choi’  Folia  and Chard ‘Umaina’  Folia . I hope they turn out as well like my plantings of Joi Choi Bok Choy.