Quilt 03: Sakura Dusty Bone Quilt Concept

I finally drew up a plan for a quilt I had been thinking about for a while now using the Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Dusty 5″ Charm Pack Fabric Squares that I got from the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild Meeting back in February.

Sakura Dusty Bone Quilt Concept

At the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild March meeting, Kristen showed her quilt (that I really loved) using the charm pack. I wanted to sew something similar… Later at the same meeting Sharona talked about an organization called Quilts4Japan that was collecting quilts for the people affected by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant breakdown. That sparked an idea.

My plan is to make a quilt that alludes to the flag of Japan and donate the quilt to Quilts4Japan. I’ll separate the red/reddish squares from the charm pack and sew them (similar to Kristen’s design) with a dark cream background. I’ll use these to form the “red” circle. I’ll then use the remaining squares and sew them with a lighter cream color to create the “white” background.

For the actual quilting (stitching), I was thinking of a large sakura or cherry blossom (which always reminds me of Japan) design. I’ll also quilt wavy lines emanating from the center circle. You can see this as the dotted white lines in the photo above.