Getting Ready for Lola Celay’s Burial…

So today is the day. It is Lola Celay’s burial day. We are getting ready now and getting ready to go to the mortuary.

Last night, we had the viewing and rosary at the mortuary. It was mixed feelings. It was sad to see Lola in the coffin, but it was very nice to see all the people, both relatives and friends, come to pay their respects to Lola Celay.

My relatives told me that I was saying the eulogy and at first I didn’t want to say it, because I didn’t have time to prepare and I didn’t know what to say… but once the time came at the end of the rosary to give the eulogy, it felt good to share how I saw Lola Celay and tell everyone how thankful I was to her.

After the rosary, my Aunt’s cooked tons of food for everyone. Pancit, Dinuguan, Kare Kare, more Pancit, Menudo and other tradition Filipino foods that Lola loves. It was hectic trying to fit everyone into that small section with the food, but it was so nice to see everyone enjoying the food, meeting each other after a long time apart and talking about Lola. Lola’s viewing really brought together so many people.