This evening when me and Nanay were at the laundromat, we got a call from Auntie. She told us that Lola Celay is in the hospital and the doctors only gave her about 24 hours to live. Of course Nanay was shaken and we rushed home to eat dinner and head over to Santa Clara to visit Lola.

When we got there Lola was on the bed, she was asleep and Uncle says that she doesn’t respond anymore although she did respond a bit when Uncle asked her if she wanted to eat. They said she had a routine checkup today, but when the test results came in, the doctors said she had a heart attack on Friday and that her body is shutting down. Auntie said that when they were getting her ready to go to the hospital, she hardly could walk anymore like before and her legs were swollen and heavy.

It’s so sad to see Lola having a hard time breathing and I admire Uncle and Auntie for taking care of her since she was diagnosed with Dementia.

Lola is no longer on any medications and although they rehydrated her with I.V., she’s no longer eating. Uncle says that once her body starts shutting down, the doctors will give her Morphine to help with her pain, but that’s pretty much it.

We love you Lola and may God bless you!