Grafts 2011 Batch 2

Our Bing Cherry looked like it was about to open its buds, so I grafted some Cherry scions as wells as some Plums and Apricots.

– Apricot ‘Skaha’ scion grafted onto Plum (near sink)
– Cherry ‘Black Eagle’ scion grafted onto Bing Cherry
– Cherry ‘Burbank’ scion grafted onto Bing Cherry
– European Plum ‘Coe’s Golden Drop’ grafted onto European Plum (near Vegetable Bed 1)
– European Plum ‘Baray’s Green Gage’ grafted onto European Plum (near Vegetable Bed 1)
– European Plum ‘Old Green Gage’ grafted onto European Plum (near Vegetable Bed 1)

Alyssum Sprouting + Daikon and Mango Sowed…

I was surprised to see sprouts already from the seeds I planted 2 days ago. The Alyssum ‘Easter Bonnet Deep Rose’ Folia is already sprouting…


I know Daikons are supposed to be planted directly in the ground and not transplanted, but I was curious if I can start it and plant it once I see a small sprout. For my experiment, I planted it two ways:

Daikon Sowing Experiment

Left: I made small, but tall newspaper pots, so I can plant them directly into veggie bed once sprouted. I planted Daikon ‘Mino Early’ Folia in these.

Right: I used Jiffy Peat Pellets with the outside netting removed. I placed them on top of about an inch layer of soil, so the roots can grow deeper. I planted Daikon ‘Sweet Glade’ Folia in these.


Inside Mango Seed

I saved another Mango Folia seed from a Mango we bought and ate… and will try growing it.


Another Try at Winter Sowing…

Last year, I attempted winter sowing for the first time… and I wasn’t successful.

Winter Sown

The plants either didn’t germinate, or germinated then died, or was baked in the small container.

I wasn’t planning on winter sowing again, but I happen to stumble upon the journal entry “My First Winter Sowing” by HollyBee on Folia. She used a large translucent container and placed 24 square 3 1/2 inch square pots… which are similar to the pots I used a couple years ago for my overwintering Coleus. I think I’ll copy her method and plant my flower seeds this way.

I also found a photo by pestee35 on Flickr using a similar method.

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