Tons of Sprouts…

Many of the seeds sown on the 23th are now sprouting…

– Tomato ‘Woodle Orange’ Folia
– Tomato ‘Hippy Zebra’ Folia
– Tomato ‘Brandywine Red’ Folia
– Tomato ‘Hawaiian Pineapple’ Folia
– Tomato ‘Copia’ Folia
– Tomato ‘San Marzano’ Folia
– Tomato ‘Vintage Wine’ Folia
– Tomato ‘Red Pear’ Folia
– Tomato ‘Red Zebra’ Folia
– Tomato ‘Speckled Red Roma’ Folia
– Cerinthe Folia

The two Daikons (Mino Early Folia and Sweet Glade Folia ) are also sprouting… I think I will have to move them outdoor soon…

Wintersowin’ 2011…

A few days ago, I discovered another way to wintersow… so I’m giving Wintersowing another chance.

I purchased two 50 qt. Sterlite plastic bins with covers.


I was able to place twelve 3 inch pots into each one.


I planted mostly flower seeds and a few vegetable. Continue reading

Feb 26, 2011 Garden Update…

The Tidy Tips Folia that I sowed 3 days ago are already sprouting…

One of my Mom’s Cymbidium Orchid is just about to bloom.


Some of my Mom’s Alstroemeria were slightly damaged from last night’s frost, so she placed these plastic domes over them, since we are expecting another night of frost.

Frost Protection

I Like Mixed Bean Soup…

twi-bird1 Icon by Meshkoff DesignI like Mixed Bean Soup… *fart*

Grafts 2011 Batch 2

Our Bing Cherry looked like it was about to open its buds, so I grafted some Cherry scions as wells as some Plums and Apricots.

– Apricot ‘Skaha’ scion grafted onto Plum (near sink)
– Cherry ‘Black Eagle’ scion grafted onto Bing Cherry
– Cherry ‘Burbank’ scion grafted onto Bing Cherry
– European Plum ‘Coe’s Golden Drop’ grafted onto European Plum (near Vegetable Bed 1)
– European Plum ‘Baray’s Green Gage’ grafted onto European Plum (near Vegetable Bed 1)
– European Plum ‘Old Green Gage’ grafted onto European Plum (near Vegetable Bed 1)

Alyssum Sprouting + Daikon and Mango Sowed…

I was surprised to see sprouts already from the seeds I planted 2 days ago. The Alyssum ‘Easter Bonnet Deep Rose’ Folia is already sprouting…


I know Daikons are supposed to be planted directly in the ground and not transplanted, but I was curious if I can start it and plant it once I see a small sprout. For my experiment, I planted it two ways:

Daikon Sowing Experiment

Left: I made small, but tall newspaper pots, so I can plant them directly into veggie bed once sprouted. I planted Daikon ‘Mino Early’ Folia in these.

Right: I used Jiffy Peat Pellets with the outside netting removed. I placed them on top of about an inch layer of soil, so the roots can grow deeper. I planted Daikon ‘Sweet Glade’ Folia in these.


Inside Mango Seed

I saved another Mango Folia seed from a Mango we bought and ate… and will try growing it.


Another Try at Winter Sowing…

Last year, I attempted winter sowing for the first time… and I wasn’t successful.

Winter Sown

The plants either didn’t germinate, or germinated then died, or was baked in the small container.

I wasn’t planning on winter sowing again, but I happen to stumble upon the journal entry “My First Winter Sowing” by HollyBee on Folia. She used a large translucent container and placed 24 square 3 1/2 inch square pots… which are similar to the pots I used a couple years ago for my overwintering Coleus. I think I’ll copy her method and plant my flower seeds this way.

I also found a photo by pestee35 on Flickr using a similar method.

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