Mung Bean Mochi…

A few days ago, I saw a friend Meighan’s photo of Mango Mochi that she made. I searched online for recipes and saw a bunch of recipes for Red Bean Mochi… which gave me an idea to use a Mung Bean filling (like in Hopia) instead of the Red Bean. So I set out to try to make my version of Mung Bean Mochi.

Finished Mochi

Mung Bean Filling
I used Joy’s Mongo Hopia (Moon cake) Recipe as the bases on the Mung Bean filling. I boiled a package of split mung beans into 3 cups of water. Once it was soft and mushy and most of the water reduced, I added 1 cup of sugar (the recipe called for 2 cups, but my Mom doesn’t like things too sweet, so I halved the amount). I reduced the filling down further until it was really thick. I let it cool and placed it in the refrigerator to harden even more.

Mung Bean Filling (After)

I based my dough recipe on intelliot’s YouTube video “How to Make Mochi in 30 Minutes or Less“. I searched and searched for wheat starch, but could not find any. I eventually just used tapioca starch from our local filipino grocery. I boiled 1-1/4 cups of water, removed it from the stove, then dissolved 1/2 cups sugar into it and let cool. I then added 2-1/2 cups glutinous rice flour and 1/2 cup wheat starch (i substituted tapioca starch here since I didn’t have the wheat starch)… It was still too wet, so I added more rice flour until it was a good consistency.

I then scooped the chilled mung bean filling into heaping teaspoon sized balls.

Mung Bean Filling

I then took about a tablespoon of the dough and flattened it out, forming somewhat of a pocket to put the mung bean filling.

Filling Mochi

I then sealed it up and set aside.

Filled Mochi

I used our trusty old steamer to steam the mochi, which I placed on a aluminum pie tray and steamed for 10-15 minutes.

Trusty Old Steamer

My Mom shredded some coconut which I rolled the mochi in immediately after steaming. Let it cool a bit and enjoy.

Finished Mochi

Here’s how the mochi looks when you take a bite out of it.