Hippeastrum ‘Red Lion’ and Sunchokes planted…

I purchased three of these Hippeastrum ‘Red Lion’ Folia bulbs at a 50% after Christmas sale. They are starting to sprout, so I’ll plant them into a pot and let them grow outside in a protected location in our front patio.

Hippeastrum 'Red Lion' Bulbs

Hippeastrum 'Red Lion' Planted


I saw these tubers being sold at the Hayward Farmer’s Market. I thought they were Ginger, but they were labeled Sunchokes Folia. I didn’t know what Sunchokes were, but I knew I wanted to grow them… so I bought these three tubers.


I’ve been soaking these Sunchokes in water for more than a month now and they have sprouted roots.

Sunchoke Soaking

Before the Sunchoke tubers that I soaked in water gets too big, I potted them up in two pots and placed them outside, before I figure out where to eventually plant them.

Sunchokes Planted

AT&T 4G Email…

ATT-4GJust got an email from AT&T saying that their network is getting faster with 4G… although I don’t think my iPhone 4 will benefit from this since it’s just a 3G device. I wonder if/when Apple will announce a 4G iPhone?