Moving the Vonage Box?

We changed our phone service to Vonage and so far it been working well with one exception. Since getting Vonage, I can no longer remotely access my computers (Screen Sharing and File Transfer) from the outside. I think it has to do with the router’s location to the Vonage box.

Right now our setup is like this:

Cable Modem --> Vonage box --> Router --> computer 1
                                      --> computer 2
                                      --> computer 3

I think I need to set up this way so the Cable Modem goes directly to the Router like this:

Cable Modem --> Router --> Vonage box
                       --> computer 1
                       --> computer 2
                       --> computer 3

Sounds simple enough, but I think I may have to set up some port forwarding in the router and some other trickery to set it up this way.

I haven’t actually tried to reconfigure the set up, but I’ll try it soon.

Here are some other articles I found and will will read through once I have time:

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