In Search of Snap Peas Seeds…

I’ve grown several generations of Snap Peas in our garden every fall/winter/spring… but I can’t seem to find the seeds that I saved from this spring’s harvest… so I was thinking of getting a new variety.

Our plants seem to grow taller and taller every year, with this past year growing well over 6 feet. It was way too tall and over-towered the other plants around it. So I’m looking for a variety that only grows to about 4-5 feet tall.

This evening after work, my friend needed to go to Home Depot, so I went along to see if I can find any kinds of Snap Pea seeds. No luck. All they had were Snow Peas, which I don’t like that much.

I did a search online and found two different varieties that I would like:

Super Sugar Snap
58 days. Grow about 5 feet tall. Improved variety of Sugar Snap (which I have been growing). I found some at Territorial Seed Co.

Super Snappy Pea
65 days. I’ve never seen this variety and its pods are huge; 8-10 peas per pod. Grows 28-32″. A Burpee Exclusive. I placed this on my Folia Wish List Folia. [Update Oct. 26, 2010: I ended up ordering this.]

Super Snappy Pea
Screenshot taken from Burpee’s site.

After writing this, I got an email from Annie’s Annuals with this variety:

Carouby de Mousanne
60 Days. It’s a Snow Pea (which I usually don’t like to grow), but it doesn’t get fibrous (which is why I don’t like to grow it) when the seed starts to swell. Grows 6 feet tall. Here’s the description page on Annie’s Annuals website.

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