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Another Dream with my Dad in it…

I had another dream with my Dad in it…

Me and my Mom were going shopping to Target. We were walking to the car, but it was our old van and my Dad was in the drivers seat. He really didn’t say much while as my Mom was getting into the front passenger seat, and I hoped in the back.

My Dad drove for a while and I remember sitting up against the front front seat so I can see what’s up ahead. He had something metalic on my his head above his left ear. It was like he had surgery there.

Once we reached the parking lot it wasn’t our local Target, I didn’t recognize it. The parking lot was cramped, kinda like the parking lot at the CostPlus in San Francisco. We found a spot up front, which was a handicap spot. Before my Dad parked in, me and my Mom got off the van. Then for some reason my shoe were off in front of the front wheels and my backpack on top of the van. My Dad drove ahead and ran over my shoes… My Mom was waving and shouting for him to stop and back up… I looked at my shoe and there were fine except for a little hole on the side… and I was telling my Mom that it was okay…

Then I was awaken by my brother playing Charice really loud on the living room computer… ARGH!

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@joeysplanting’s Tweets

Twitter Updates for 2010-08-27

  • Cashed in all my coins from work. 237 quarters, 238 dimes, 168 nickels & 2498 pennies totaling $116.43 in the form of an Amazon gift code :) #
  • Just last night I was wondering when Netflix for iPhone was coming out :: It's out today :: #

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  • I harvested two Lemon Cucumbers and some Nasturtium 'Alaska Mix' leaves for a lunchtime salad… ->
  • Ahhhhh… A refreshing 80°F breeze flowing through our windows… ->