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Went on a Coleus hunt this morning. My first stop was Westbrae Nursery in Berkeley.

Coleus from Westbrae Nursery: Lava Rose, Chocolate Mint, Electric Lime, Florida Sun Jade, Rustic Orange, Kong Mosaic, Redhead & Peter Wonder

I also got an Oxalis vulcanicola ‘Sunset Velvet’ and a cool looking Aloe-like plant, which I kinda think may be a Sansevieria.

Yesterday, I planted a hanging pot with Lysimachia Variegata, Calceolaria calycina and an unknown plant from Mangero Gardens.

Second stop in my Coleus hunt was Berkeley Horticultural Nursery.

Coleus from BHN: Sunset Strip, Coco Loco, Snazzy, Indian Summer, Swallowtail, Molten Lava, Kong Salmon Pink & Pineapple Splash.

I also got a cool Basil Mix six-pack that contains: Sweet Italian, Spicy Bush, Purple, Spicy Thai, Lemon & Lime Basils.

Forgot that I also got Coleus Tiny Toes.

Potted up several Cacti: Rebutia narvaecensis, Rebutia krainziana, Neochilenia jussieui, Opuntia Baby Rita and Sulcl? arcancea.

My Mom and I dismantled a patio table that was just blocking the way. In its place, my Mom moved her Orchids so they can get more light.

I repotted an mystery Orchid into a larger pot, then gave the non-Cymbidium Orchids a good drench with just a touch of Orchid food.

Planted a pot with Persicaria microcephala Red Dragon, Oxalis Charmed Wine, Oxalis Sunset Velvet and some Dwarf Mondo Grass.

Planted a Coleus pot with Peter Wonder, Pineapple Splash and Redhead. Also planted two individual pots: Kong Mosaic and Kong Salmon Pink.

I was able to divide the 6 pack of Basil Mix into 16 separate drinking cup pots.

I’ve been working in the garden for about 7 hours. Got in the house about 9:30pm and saw these stuck to my leg :: j.mp/9aHOXz

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Watching Drake on Jimmy Kimmel… I didn’t know he was on the TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation… and I didn’t know he was Canadian.

This is my 1000th tweet… (on this account that is)

Captured 8 more Coleus… I’m happy… (@ Berkeley Horticultural Nursery) 4sq.com/97ztgU

A sign in Burger King says their coffee comes in three easy-to-say sizes: small, medium and large.

I just ousted John C. as the mayor of Carquinez Bridge Toll Plaza on @foursquare! 4sq.com/9Lo0vD

Accidentally deleted 4 episode of Lost from my EyeTV that I haven’t seen yet :(