Sowing Coleus at Work + Orchid (from Kathryn) has new growth…

I brought in some gardening supplies to work so I can start sowing some Coleus seeds.

Garden Supply at Work Sown Coleus

I made my own mix using used peat pellets (from peat pellets with seeds that didn’t grow), a little bit of potting soil and perlite.

I sowed:
– Coleus (Dappled Apple G2 2010)
– Coleus (Oompah G2 2010)
– Coleus (Splash G2 2010)
– Coleus (Sedona G2 2010)
– Coleus (Kong Scarlet G2 2010)
– Coleus (Trailing Rose G2 2010)

I just noticed that my Orchid (from Kathryn) has fresh new roots and growth coming out. Looks like it’s starting to recover…

Toy Story 3 Easter Eggs + FourSquare…

Toy Story 3 Easter Eggs ::

FourSquare Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Small Soup and 20 oz Ice Tea for $5… (@ Levi’s Cafeteria)

FourSquare I just became the mayor of Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge (2003) on @foursquare!


Daylilies in our front yard.
Hemerocallis (Family: Hemerocallidaceae)