New African Violet Baby + First Coleus Pots…

I finally see a sprout emerging from the African Violet (Variegated) Folia cutting I planted on May 13 (about 29 days ago).

Variegated African Violet Baby

When I got home from work, I made three Coleus Pots:

Coleus Pot #1: Colorblaze Dark Star, Gay’s Delight and Unknown from Sloat (Yellow Scalloped).

Coleus Pot #2: Unknown from Sloat (Red Autumn-like), Wizard Jade, Wizard Coral Sunrise and Wizard Scarlet? (Red Yellow-edge).

Coleus Pot #3: Radical Wonder, Colorblaze Royal Glissade and Rudy Jewels.

Pirate World Record + iPhone 4 Coming…

Vallejo breaks the Guinness Book of World Records for the most costumed pirates in one place at one time. Yarr! ::

Just got an email from Apple telling me that I’m getting my iPhone 4 earlier on the morning of the 23rd instead of the 24th… Whohoo!!!

New Folia Journal Feature…

I’m introducing a new feature on my blog that will allow you to see the history of a particular plant. When I mention a plant on my blog like my Cerinthe ‘Purple Bells’ Folia, I’ll place a yellow Folia leaf image (like the one above) that will link to the journal page of that particular plant on Folia’s website… so if you are curious about a particular plant or just want to know more about it, you can see that plants journal on Folia.

I’m tracking my garden: - Organise, track & share your gardening adventures!

Folia is a free online social garden organiser website that I use to track my plants and gardens.