Cooking Channel on DirecTV?…

I first heard of the Cooking Channel a few weeks ago at a friend’s condo while watching a show on the Food Network (on Comcast cable). The Cooking Channel is a new channel that will premiere on May 31, 2010 and showcases more cooking shows than the Food Network. My friend said that Food Network was moving some of its “cooking” show over to the new channel.

I didn’t know if DirecTV (which we have) will carry it… So I tweeted them, asking if the were going to carry the Cooking Channel. They replied:
“@joelignacio no plans for that at this time, Joel. If that changes, we’ll post it here.”

Today, I just saw another commercial, but this time on DirecTV… so I checked the Cooking Channel’s site and saw this post that mentions:
“If you currently get the Fine Living Channel, it replaces that on May 31st — same channel.”

We currently get the Fine Living Channel, so I now think we will get the Cooking Channel once it premieres. I tweeted DirecTV back asking:
“@DIRECTV Just read that Cooking Channel will replace Fine Living Channel (232) on 5/31. Does this also apply to DirecTV?”