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11:06 I don’t believe someone is debating the lineage of a Coleus plants I grew from seed. Hello? I harvested the seeds myself! j.mp/cs950n #

11:06 My new goldfish that I got about 10 days ago died this morning :( #

11:55 The free @digg app comes to your iPhone! They’re giving out 1 custom ColorWare iPad everyday for 2 weeks to celebrate! bit.ly/diggapp #

12:10 Words Joel Pronounces Differently #174: I pronounce "Garbanzo" like this: gra•ban•zo #

17:20 Anyone know an organic solution for get rid of Peach Leaf Curl? #

17:49 Our creative director at work is waiting to see if the BBQ sauce he had for lunch will effect him… (He hasn’t rushed the the restroom yet) #