@joeysplanting’s Tweets…

10:47 Lilacs, Columbines and Orange Daylilies are blooming in our from yard… #

11:52 My Nightshade seedlings were not getting enough light under the old growlights, so today, I started putting them outside during the day. #

12:11 My Chayote grew over a foot this weekend and now grabbing the window shades. I think I’m going to bring it home to start hardening it off… #

19:44 I was going to plant some Mango seeds today, but when I opened the pods, they didn’t look good :: j.mp/bI88bI #

19:47 Sowed Red Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos flavidus) seeds (from @megzzz) & Mystery seed (Tipu Tree? :: j.mp/9FeSgK ) :: j.mp/cFV30r #

19:48 I’m bringing my Chayote growing at work home tonight. Looks like the Chayote wanted to bring a friend with it :: j.mp/aLRx9Y #

22:21 My Mom harvested two Bok Choy plants and some Swiss Chard leaves for a Filipino dish called Nilagang Manok… #

23:38 Curious to try Grains of Paradise. Never heard of this spice until I saw it on Good Eats. Peppery, citrusy, w/ traces of cardamom & ginger. #