Excellent Camera Tutorials…

I’m sitting here under candle light since our whole neighborhood has had a total blackout for more than 1.5 hours. I was just about to post a journal entry when the power went out, so I lost everything :( I’m on my laptop now (running on batteries), so I’ll try to remember what I previously typed…

If you have been following my journal, you probably know that I have been researching a new DSLR camera with a swivel screen and/or a new lens. While I was researching, I found a website that had tons of video tutorial for my camera. The website lbguides.com doesn’t have videos for every camera, but luckily for me they have videos for both my Canon Digital Rebel XSI and Canon PowerShot A650IS.

For the XSI they have three many sections:
1. Getting Started: Learn about your camera’s basic features and some quick tips. (2 videos)
2. Scenes: Learn how to optimize the camera for specific scenes. (18 videos)
3. Functions: Learn how to set specific functions, e.g., delete, flash, etc. (30 videos!!!)

I went through several of the videos and learned more about ISO, spot metering and white balance than I learned from reading the manuals that came with the cameras. Now that I have a better grasp on how to set those up on the camera and I’m so surprised how much better some of my photos, especially indoor photos and pet photos looks.

With that said, I think I will put off getting a new camera (unless Canon comes out with a DSLR with swivel screen)… stick with my Canon XSI and keep practicing with it… With that said… hehe… I did buy some accessories for it.

First, I got an inexpensive Vivitar flash. I think it’ll greatly help my indoor photo with lighting, since the camera’s built in flash is way too harsh. I can direct the light up or to the side for an indirect flash. I’m hoping that this coupled with my new found knowledge of white balance will greatly improve my indoor photography.

Second, I bought an inexpensive prime lens; the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens. It was under a $100 which is pretty good for a lens (I think) and I saw some really nice photographs on Flickr using this lens. So I’ll keep practicing with my camera and stick with it for a bit.