Wild China + Masdevallia Orchid…

  • 3:44pm Watching the six-part BBC series Wild China on Netflix Watch Instantly. j.mp/4tCkPx #
  • 8:53pm My Masdevallia Orchid that I moved outdoors 2 years ago is now blooming. I think this is my first non-Cym that rebloomed. j.mp/5Wz0NO #

Plumcot? Pluot? Aprium?

I noticed some Plumcot, Pluot and Aprium scions at the last CRFG Scion Exchange… I know they are all Plum/Apricot crosses, but I wonder if there is a technical difference between the three… so I posted an inquiry at the California Rare Fruit Growers Facebook page.

I’ll update this post if I get any responses.

[Update Jan 25, 2010] Someone on Facebook responded with a link to Dilip Barman (dilipB) > Still Life > Plums, Apricots, Plumcots, Pluots®, and Apriums®

Plumcot = Plum x Apricot

Pluot® = Plumcot x Plum (2/3 plum and 1/3 apricot)

Arium® = Plumcot x Apricot (1/3 plum and 2/3 apricot)

*Pluot® and Aprium® are federally registered trademarks of Zaiger’s Inc. Genetics, Modesto, CA, for interspecifics that are complex hybrids of plum and apricot.

Garden Progress

This afternoon, it was raining, but I went outside to bring out the kitchen scraps for the compost bin.

Ready for Compost

I got the to compost bin and noticed tons of Soldier Fly Larvae crawling out of the compost bin. I tried my hardest not to smash any.

Soldier Fly Larvae  Soldier Fly Larvae

The Purple Hyacinths were blooming although slugs and snail have gotten to the flowers.

Hyacinth Blooming

I walked around and noticed the Pink Banana Passiflora (which seemed to have died in the winter) now has tiny buds growing near it’s base.

Pink Banana Passiflora Buds

Next to it, I also noticed that the Hyacinth-like plants (from my friend Howard) are sprouting up, although there were weeds and a Kiwi seedling in the pot.

Hyacinth-like Plants Sprouting

What really made my day, was seeing my Yellow Masdevallia Orchid, which I took outdoors about two years ago, now re-blooming for the first time. This is the first non-Cymbidium Orchid that rebloomed for me… I think I want to get more Masdevallia Orchids now, since they seem to survive outdoors and actually bloom (in the winter)!!!

Yellow Masdevallia Orchid  Yellow Masdevallia Orchid  Yellow Masdevallia Orchid