Pretty Low KeyedBirthday

Today was my birthday and my Mom woke me up to tell me that we are having lunch at Golden City Buffet, so I got ready while she called up my niece and my brother’s family to join us. So there was about a dozen of us there. I ate way too much—the danger of buffet–hehe…

Afterwards my Mom, Sister-in-law, couple of my nephews and I walked over to the discount store a few doors by. It was nice to see my Mom and Sister-in-law send some time together. As they slllloooowwwwly walked down the isle and looked at everything, they chatted about home stuff and tips. They were taking a while, but I just endured it, since I didn’t want to break their time together up.

No big plans or parties… In the evening, I just hung out at home, watching movies, responding to birthday greetings from Facebook, and napped. It was a pretty low keyed birthday, but I enjoyed it :)