Christmas Shopping Continues…

I finally got up off my butt and started the majority of my Christmas shopping. I went to Daly City, because there was a place that I think would sell some printed Pacquiao shirt that my nephews would like. I did see some through their window, but they were already close when I got there around 7pm… so I proceeded to go to Tanforan Mall.

It wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be at the Mall. I found several other gifts there, which was good, but I still have tons more to buy.

One weird thing that happened when I was there was that a cute Filipino guy walking towards me bumped my bag with his, smiled then said "Bag 5!"… I think he meant it kinda like "High 5", but with shopping bags… hehe… it was weird, but I must say that he was cute and adorable and made me smile :)