Crabby + Sowing

After work, I stopped by Home Depot to get some Sphagnum Moss so I can repot my Jewel Orchids. I stopped by the succulent area and this one caught my eye. I had to get it!

Meet the newest member of my succulent family: Crabby

Meet Crabby

The label reads: Family: Aizoaceae / Genus: Mimicry Collection / Common Name: Mimicry.

I believe Mimicry is a generic term for plants that blend in with their surroundings like Split Rock, Lithops, etc… so I don’t think this is the true botanical name… Google, here I come

I also did some late night seed sowing. I planted the following:

Tomato ‘Great White’
Tomato ‘Brandywine OTV’
Tomato ‘Roma’
Tomato ‘Ace 55VF’
Tomato ‘Fireball’
Pepper ‘Thai Dragon’ from gypsy_soul (Thank you!)
Eggplant ‘Japanese Long Purple’

I also placed the following seed (collected from the garden last year) between moist paper towel to see if they were viable:

Allium Christopii
Orange Ornamental Peppers from Virginia
Majestic Purple Millet

[Update] I searched Google and found a page on a GardenWeb Forum which had an image so the same exact plant. With further investigation, I’ve determined that this plant is Rhombophyllum dolabriforme or Elkhorn Plant.