I haven’t been gardening lately, but I needed to plant the Peas that I sowed about a week and a half ago, before they start getting all tangled up in their six pack containers… so I started digging up part of the soil in my third veggie bed and amended it with potting mix and manure.

Planting Snow Peas

I was planning to build up the walls to this third bed, but haven’t had the chance to, so I temporarily place two layers of scalloped bricks until I can mortar the walls… which won’t be until maybe next spring.

As I was digging up the soil, I found some Garlic that I planted in the Fall of 2004. I thought they all rotted and died because they hardly had any foliage. I recorded this on June 15, 2005. Apparently, they survived.

Found Garlic

Since they are small, I think I will replant them.