Wish List: Turkey Pots

Olmec pottery featuring turkeys

turkey pots
turkey pots. Originally uploaded by steffan.

Fruits and Veggies…

I took this photo a few days ago… I think the birds got to them today.


The first Sikkim Cucumber

Young Sikkim Cucumber

Italian Plums washed and ready to share with co-workers

Italian Plums

My New Orchid + Seedpods + Seed

My friend Darwin and I bought this Orchid this weekend for under $20. I spilt it into two and kept half for myself.

My New Unknown Orchid

I’m not sure what cultivar it is. Anyone know?

The Amaryllis seedpod that I’ve been watching has started to pop open, so I collected the seeds, which I will plant as lblanchard did.

Amaryllis Seed Pod

Speaking of seeds… I found this seed in a parking lot near my work. At first I thought it was just a coffee bean, but it had a skin (similar to a peanut skin) that came off. I’m not really sure what it is, but I planted it to see if it grows.

Found Seed