Stockpiling and Mulching Question?

I have written entries before how my brother gets pallets of damaged bags of potting soil, garden soil, soil conditioner, manure, bark mulch, river rocks, etc… but I don’t think I ever showed photos, so I took some today to show you how much we have!!!

Stockpile 1

Stockpile 3

Stockpile 2

Stockpile 4

Stockpile 5

Now for my question:

We have a lot of ground cover bark… and I’m thinking of using this instead of the newspaper in my veggie beds.
What are the pros and cons of using ground cover bark in a veggie bed?

Does it change the pH? Should I add something to the soil if it does?

We have lot of pill bugs and earwigs. Does this deter or encourage pests?

Thanks in advance for all your comments :)

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