I didn’t get home until about 7:45pm, but there was still a little bit of light outside, so I repotted some of my seedlings into one-gallon containers until I have my vegetable beds ready. I hope they will at least grow a bit bigger while I fix up the beds.

I repotted two each of the Burgundywine, Roma and Great White Tomatoes into their own pots… and two Scarlet Chinese Eggplant (4 total) into 2 one-gallon pots. I was also going to repot the Japanese Long Eggplants into their own pot, but I ran out, so I have to look for more and maybe do that tomorrow.

I also chopped down more of the Swiss Chard and cleared half of vegetable bed #1. By this time it was already dark and I was gardening by a citronella candle light.

I also noticed that we are not getting enough browns in our compost, so I need to shred some newspaper and use those as browns.

The End

Wish List: Euphorbias

As I was trying to help a fellow Flickr-mate ID a plant, I stumbled around these that I thought were neat. Both are in the Euphorbiaceae family.

– Euphorbia bicolor ( DG PlantFile )
– Acalypha wilkesiana ‘Ceylon’ (Copperleaf, Jacob’s Coat, Fire-Dragon) ( DG PlantFile )